Get Answers To Your FAQS About Car Accidents

At the Law Offices of Michael R. Kaiser, our attorneys help injured victims in Palm Springs, Imperial County, the High Desert and Coachella Valley. We know that being in a car accident can cause you a lot of anxiety, and that you may face many challenges. Therefore, it is important for you to know what you should do in the aftermath of one.

Q. Should Law Enforcement Be Called?

A. Law enforcement should always be called after a collision, especially if there is significant damage or injuries to any of the drivers or passengers. A police report can play an important factor in your case, even if you think it is a minor wreck.

Q. What Information Is Needed After An Accident?

A. The following should be gathered after an accident:

  • Other drivers’ contact information, including insurance and driver’s license
  • Contact information of any witnesses
  • The officer’s contact information and the report number
  • Your own notes about what happened
  • Pictures of the scene, injuries and vehicle damage

Our lawyers will use this information to put together a claim to help your case.

Q. Who Should I Call After An Accident?

A. If there are injuries involved, 911 should be called. If you do not need emergency services, you should visit your doctor for any injuries you sustained. Call your insurance agent as well as your mechanic. We have learned from our years of experience that the more documentation you have about injuries and damages, the easier it is to recover proper compensation for you.

Q. What If The Other Driver’s Insurance Contacts Me?

A. Be courteous, but do not give them any information about the car accident or accept a settlement offer. Any questions from the insurance company should be handled by a legal professional. Our founding attorney, Mr. Kaiser, previously represented insurers, and we use this information to negotiate on your behalf.

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