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If You Have Suffered An Accident In Palm Springs

Many attorneys portray insurance companies as evil giants that turn their backs on accident victims. At the Law Offices of Michael R. Kaiser, we don’t think of insurers as the big, bad enemy. We know that insurance companies want to settle claims, but that they need certain information to do so. Rather than tilting at windmills, we get results by engaging insurers early in the process in a professional and productive negotiation.

Located in Palm Springs, our law firm represents the injured in Palm Desert, Indio, Cathedral City, Yucca Valley and surrounding communities of the Coachella Valley and the High Desert. We also welcome clients throughout the Riverside, San Bernardino and Imperial counties of southern California.

Working With Insurers To Maximize Your Compensation

Attorney Michael Kaiser has practiced law for more than 40 years, as both a plaintiff’s attorney and an attorney representing insurance companies. He has engineered countless personal injury and wrongful death settlements, and he has successfully litigated on both sides of the issue.

From his insurance defense background, Mr. Kaiser has a unique insight into insurance companies. He knows that a solidly documented claim that spells out the case for liability and justifies the damages is the gateway to a timely settlement. Insurers won’t budge simply because a lawsuit is threatened or filed, but they will respond favorably to hard evidence.

Michael Kaiser is a hands-on attorney who invests the time and resources on the front of claims to get them resolved. If the insurance company balks at fair compensation, he and his team are prepared to ultimately try the case.

Working With Clients To Move Forward With Confidence

We sit down with clients at the beginning of a case to discuss our vision for the case — the value of the case, the legal process and timeline, what we expect from the client and what we will need to prove. We try to provide our honest assessment of the claim rather than building false expectations. Our philosophy is to keep clients involved in the process, so that they understand why we are taking a certain approach or how the result was reached. Any recommendation to settle is based on our client’s interest, not what is expedient for us.

We resolve many cases through negotiation or mediation, but Mr. Kaiser is an experienced trial lawyer who can present a compelling case for a jury.

Also Handling Business Litigation, Civil Litigation And Mediation Services

Michael Kaiser is a veteran mediator who is frequently sought by other attorneys and insurance companies to conduct private mediations as an alternative to litigation. They respect his three decades of wisdom and his ability to get disputes resolved.

The Law Offices of Michael R. Kaiser also handles select business litigation and civil litigation, including representation in Palm Springs’ LGBT community. He recently obtained an $800,000 recovery for a local client in a discrimination lawsuit on behalf of a local man who was beaten up for being gay.

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