Were You In A Serious Car Accident In The Palm Springs Area?

If you suffered serious injuries in a car accident, you may not know the real value of your case or how to detail your losses. Insurance companies are not the big bad enemy, but they will naturally try to settle your case as cheaply as possible.

At the Law Offices of Michael R. Kaiser, we know how to get full value for your personal injury claims. Rather than trying to fight insurance companies, we simply present a solidly documented case that they can’t ignore. Attorney Michael Kaiser brings an insider’s perspective as a former insurance defense lawyer. He knows the specific kinds of corroboration that insurers require to sign off on a fair and timely settlement.

Our Palm Springs law firm offers a free consultation to victims of auto accidents in the Coachella Valley, the High Desert and surrounding southern California.

What Types Of Cases Can We Help You With?

We have helped hundreds of clients obtain compensation for every type of car accident:

Each of these scenarios results in different types of injuries or raises unique legal and insurance issues. At the Law Offices of Michael R. Kaiser, you are represented by local attorneys. We usually know the specific intersection or stretch of road, and we visit the accident scene ourselves. We also have the resources to hire professional accident reconstruction experts when necessary.

Just as importantly, we know the value of your case and how to negotiate effectively on your behalf. If you sustained minor soft tissue injuries in a crash, it might make sense to deal directly with the insurance company yourself. However, if you suffered lasting harm or your family member suffered catastrophic injuries, it is critical that you hire an experienced attorney to advocate for you. The average person simply does not know how to properly establish liability, document damages or deal with insurers in a productive way. As a result, you might shortchange your settlement or be shot down altogether.

We Know Them, But We Work For You

Michael Kaiser is not cozy with the insurance companies, and he won’t sell you short. To the contrary, he uses his insurance industry background to maximize your compensation and streamline the process. If the insurance company decides to “play hardball,” he will not hesitate to file suit and follow through to trial in pursuit of the full compensation you deserve.

At Law Offices of Michael R. Kaiser, we make a great effort to be accessible to clients and to involve them in the process. You will always have a say in settling your case, and you will know as soon as we do of any problems that arise.

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