Assisting Victims Of Assault

Whether you rent your residence, are going out to a nightclub or running an errand to the local market, you rely on property owners to create a safe environment on their premises. When these owners fail to provide adequate security measures, you can be the target of a physical or sexual assault that leaves you severely injured.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm as a result of negligent security in Palm Springs, California, you need an attorney who will provide serious representation. At the Law Offices of Michael R. Kaiser, we do just that.

Assaults Cause More Than Physical Pain

An assault leaves you not just with extensive injuries and lasting pain, but also deep emotional and psychological scarring. The trauma of being attacked can result in depression, anxiety, fear and nightmares. Our lawyers are dedicated to seeking financial justice for the pain and suffering that you have incurred.

Experienced And Skilled

Having over 40 years of legal experience, in addition to a deep understanding of insurance companies, our team knows how to build a strong case. During a thorough investigation, we look for evidence of the property owner’s negligence. Perhaps the owner failed to have sufficient security staff on hand, despite a history of past problems. Maybe the store did not have sufficient lighting or security cameras in a high-crime area.

We use this evidence to strengthen your claim for compensation, as well as medical documentation to show the extent of the harm caused to you by the assault. We understand what insurance companies look for when assigning liability, and we help ensure that your case receives a fair evaluation. Although we are skilled in settling most claims out of court, we are not afraid to go to trial if a just settlement cannot be reached.

Compassionate Help For Personal Injury Victims

A personal injury can be devastating, leaving you unable to work or care for your family. Our legal team can provide you with compassionate help that lets you focus on recovering. Call our office at 760-322-0806 to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also reach us through our online request form. We service San Bernardino and Imperial counties, as well as the Coachella Valley.