Suffer A Motorcycle Accident Injury?

The stigma of “bikers” as reckless outlaws has changed, but the perception remains that the motorcycle operator is probably at fault for an accident. Very often the opposite is true — a careful and law-abiding motorcyclist is injured by a careless or distracted car driver.

The Law Offices of Michael R. Kaiser welcomes motorcycle riders and passengers injured in traffic accidents. We know that victims of motorcycle accidents often suffer severe injuries, and we are skilled at overcoming any bias or legal obstacles to your full compensation.

Our Palm Springs personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation, serving the Coachella Valley, the High Desert and surrounding southern California.

Protecting The Best Interests Of Motorcyclists

Michael Kaiser worked for many years as an insurance defense lawyer, but now represents plaintiffs in personal injury litigation. From his experience representing insurance companies in motorcycle cases, he knows how to investigate the crash and anticipate the barriers.

In a recent case, the defense tried to claim that the motorcyclist was speeding. We demonstrated that this was a moot point as our client had the green light and the other driver failed to stop. Time and again, closer scrutiny reveals that the automobile driver was negligent:

  • Turning left into the path of a motorcycle
  • A “rolling stop” or running a red light
  • Speeding or tailgating
  • Changing lanes without looking or signaling
  • Pulling out into traffic
  • Texting or talking on a cellphone
  • Simply failing to see the motorcycle

We Understand What It’s Like Out There

Motorcycle riders are a diverse and growing group, from motorcycle clubs cruising Highway 111 to individuals to couples coming down I-10 for the Coachella festival. Unfortunately, many people in their cars and trucks still do not account for motorcycles, with disastrous results.

Our firm has recovered significant settlements for clients with major injuries in motorcycle crashes, including head injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, and burns and road rash. We work closely with clients, their doctors and other professionals to detail the medical needs, the lost income and the ongoing disability and disruption in our clients’ lives. Most importantly, Michael Kaiser and his team portray the damages in concrete terms that the insurance companies will honor. If there is resistance with respect to the issue of liability or payment of full compensation, we are prepared to go to trial.

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