Attorneys Handling Truck Company Negligence Claims

Victims of trucking accidents often assume that the truck driver was to blame. While this may be true, truck company negligence also must be taken into consideration.

The Law Offices of Michael R. Kaiser in Palm Springs conducts a careful review of every truck accident case to determine who was to blame for the victim’s injuries. Our attorneys want to make certain that you get full compensation, so we make certain to target each and every party that may have played a role in the truck crash.

Holding Trucking Companies Accountable For Negligent Hiring

While the individual truck driver may have caused the accident, the trucking company is responsible for who it hires and who it puts behind the wheel of a dangerous vehicle. Truck companies are obligated to conduct a thorough background check on each applicant.

Unfortunately, when our lawyers do our investigation, we often find that this step was skipped. We find that the truck driver who caused the accident had no right to be behind the wheel because he or she had already amassed a record of traffic violations that were clear indicators of unsafe driving. In some cases, we may even find that the truck driver has been responsible for other crashes, either in California or other states.

Holding Trucking Companies Accountable For Negligent Training

Driver training is important when the vehicle being driven is as large and dangerous as a semi truck. Unfortunately, some trucking companies are negligent in their training programs. The programs are either insufficient or nonexistent. When investigating motor vehicle collision cases involving trucks, we often find that the driver who caused the accident had not been properly trained in such basic driving maneuvers as making safe turns, safe braking distances and more.

Free Consultations About Taking On Trucking Companies

Our law firm, including Michael Kaiser and his experienced team, is not afraid to take on major trucking companies. These are large businesses with substantial resources, but we have gone against them time and time again, recovering fair compensation for victims of truck company negligence. Call for a free consultation at 760-322-0806 or contact us online.