Small Mistakes Can Have Grave Consequences

Choosing to put a loved one in a nursing home or care facility is a difficult choice. While you want to believe that his or her needs are being met in a caring and competent way, unfortunately that is not always the case. One common way that neglect occurs is when patients are given incorrect medications or receive wrong dosages. Too much medication can be fatal.

Caregivers Have A Duty To Their Patients

Most elderly people are on some form of medication that helps them control their health and many take multiple prescriptions over the course of a day. It is the responsibility of the nursing home and its employees to ensure that your loved one receives the proper medications.

Nursing home medication errors can occur in many different ways, including:

  • Prescription errors such as administering the incorrect dosage or missing a required dose
  • Giving the wrong prescription medication
  • Ignoring drug side effects or interactions
  • Failing to dispense the medication using the correct method

In addition, mistakes can occur on the parts of the doctor who prescribed the medicine or the pharmacy that dispensed it. Any one of these errors can result in injury to the elderly patient or, in extreme cases, death.

If you suspect that your loved one has been or is being incorrectly medicated, the elder law lawyers at the Law Offices of Michael R. Kaiser can help. We will obtain all applicable records and identify any parties that may be responsible. If evidence of a medication error exists, we will help you pursue full compensation

Holding Nursing Homes Accountable For Medication Mistakes

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