Former Insurance Defense Lawyer On Your Side


Michael handled my delicate case with professionalism and seeming empathy, which was very much appreciated. The fraud that was being perpetrated on me was unbelievable; yet he believed in me and showed me how to help him help me. He never gave me false confidence, as some attorneys do; he just told me how it was and what he needed from me in order for us to be successful. He kept me a part of the process and, honestly, that was the only way we succeeded. And his thorough knowledge of the law and masterful skill at which he handled the opposing party at the deposition was nothing short of brilliant and was certainly the turning point in my case. Unintimidated by the other party, nor her representation, he displayed outstanding competence and unsurpassed devotion to my case; I mattered, I wasn’t just another client. It was his attention to detail, unnerving decisiveness and willingness to do what had to be done that brought my case to an end in which I could live with, and for that, I could not be more grateful. I have my life back and my financial security. If I ever need legal representation again I will certainly call upon his superb expertise.

Our company had an unfortunate run of really serious, big money, legal troubles. Before hiring the Kaiser law firm, we spent months and thousands of dollars carefully interviewing many of the highest rated and most expensive attorneys in California including some of the premiere firms on Avenue of the Stars in Los Angeles. Out of the vast array of talent we were pleased to find Michael Kaiser locally in Palm Springs. Honestly we were a bit suspicious because of his Palm Springs location and because his hourly fee was one half to one third what the most prestigious firms charged. (Most of the prestigious lawyers we consulted with charged even for the first visit. Mr. Kaiser said “you don’t own me anything, I haven’t done anything for you yet” after our first consultation.)

Mr. Kaiser impressed us. Instead of claiming “to fight for his clients,” he provided us with a list of over 100 cases that he had actually taken to trial. Instead of promising results, he gave a reasonable assessment of the risks and advantages of various strategies. Instead of claiming that he “won” all his cases, he explained that for trial lawyers a “win” is getting a better result in court than in the best settlement offer, then he made the cases available so we could check for ourselves. Knowing that our company was cash strapped due to the lawsuits, he expressed willingness to help us keep the fees down by having our company staff do as much of the grunt work as possible, such as copying, Bates Stamping, investigating and research. As our case progressed, we remained concerned that we get the best possible representation. Mr. Kaiser did not object to us retaining one of the prestigious Avenue of the Star specialist attorneys to provide second opinions and consult on our case, and he cooperated fully with the “second opinion” attorney.

Mr. Kaiser handled most of the important work himself, but saved us money by using lower paid attorney associates to do some of the work. He supervised their work and ensured that it was up to par. As trial neared, Mr. Kaiser encouraged our primary witnesses to observe another case which he was trying in Riverside. I personally watched the entire trial and saw that Mike Kaiser speaks well, is clear headed, stays focused, objects promptly and maintains a pleasant demeanor with the jury and the judge. Nothing flustered him.

Our case involved extensive travel for depositions. Mr. Kaiser allowed us to save money by booking lodging on Priceline for him and driving him ourselves rather than flying him to the various locations. During some very long trips we were able to observe him interacting by phone with other clients. He appeared to treat all of them with the same diligence and attention that we got. He billed the travel time fairly and used our trips to coach us in preparation for trial. That way we didn’t have to pay double, once for travel time and again for coaching time. Also, to the extent he used travel time to attend to other clients’ work, he did not bill us for the travel.

Due to his extensive, careful, preparation and some skillful motions in limine, Mr. Kaiser won a stipulated judgement in our favor on the eve of trial. Even if we had lost, I would say that Mr. Kaiser went above and beyond what was expected and that he gave us his full attention and charged very fairly. Let’s face it, you can’t win them all . . . although I sure was happy to win.

Since that time, Mr. Kaiser has handled a number of other matters, both major and petty for us. He’s written effective letters to deal with neighbor nuisance issues like barking dogs, and he used an anti-SLAP motion to quickly end a defamation lawsuit against me. On top of that, he’s provided reasonably priced coaching to help me self-represent myself in cases which don’t require his full attention.

Lots of people claim to be “tough.” Most of them roll over pretty fast. Mr. Kaiser doesn’t say much or make any promises to be “tough.” He just is.