California residents may have heard that a 22-year-old North Carolina zoo worker was killed by a lion that had escaped its enclosure. The attack took place at the Conservators Center in Burlington, a short distance from Greensboro. The worker was cleaning the lion’s enclosure early in the morning, a routine event that takes place each day. The lion somehow managed to escape from the area where it was being held and attacked the worker.

The worker had recently graduated from Indiana University before working at the zoo. She was with other members of the cleaning team when the lion knocked her down and started attacking her. Unfortunately, the attack was fatal. Deputies from the local sheriff’s department decided to shoot the lion, killing the animal.

There is an investigation as to how the lion was able to escape a locked enclosure. Members of the zoo and members of the sheriff’s department are working together to examine the gates used in the enclosures and the locks on the gates to determine what the failure was to allow for the lion to break free. Until the investigation is complete, the zoo will be closed. There are over 80 animals at the zoo, but this is the first time that something like this has happened. Over a dozen tigers and lions were rescued from unsuitable living conditions in 2004 and given a home at the zoo.

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