California fans of singer and rapper Drake may be aware that attendees of his concerts sometimes get too enthusiastic. A New York woman believes that the Canadian singer and the people who put together one of his Madison Square Garden shows didn’t take proper precautions to prevent her serious injuries. The 24-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit against the singer, the venue and the entertainment company that put on the show.

The woman claims she sustained a traumatic brain injury that has resulted in seizures after being struck by a beer bottle at a concert that took place in early August of 2016. The concertgoer further contends her injuries have prevented her from attending medical school. In the filed court papers, the woman states she was “maliciously and without just cause provocation” subjected to battery while attending the event.

The court documents related to this incident also include allegations that the venue and other involved parties improperly served excess amounts of alcohol. It’s further alleged that alcohol was served in glass bottles instead of paper cups and that security wasn’t sufficient enough to handle “aggressive and/or violent behavior” by concertgoers. The lawsuit also alleges that the involved parties knew such behavior was common at the entertainer’s concerts. The woman’s lawyer says everyone directly associated with the event should have prevented bottles from coming into or circulating within the concert venue. The lawyer describes the woman’s future as “precarious” due to her injuries.

With this type of premises liability case, a personal injury attorney may consider several factors. A lawyer might, for instance, look at venue policies regarding alcoholic beverages to see if rules were enforced. Incidents that took place at other concerts may be considered as well, especially if circumstances are similar. The amount of damages sought is typically based on how a victim’s injuries affect their quality of life.