One of the most common reasons for injuries and fatalities in California is being involved in an automobile accident. Trucks are often viewed as a significant threat on the road, so it is wise to understand the dangers connected to them. After there has been a crash, this information can also be useful for accident investigations.

A study of accidents in which people were injured or killed analyzed statistics over nearly three years. In it, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) assessed 963 accidents where there were 120,000 injuries and fatalities. Trucks were involved in 141,000 and were found to have played a critical role in causing the collision in 44 percent of them.

The roads can be increasingly dangerous if drivers are moving at excessive speeds for the conditions. Examples include rain and heavy traffic. 23 percent of truck accidents involved speeding based on conditions. There was a 670 percent increase in the likelihood of this being the key reason for an accident. Wet roads require a reduction in speed by 20 percent to half, depending on the road issues. Brake issues were the cause of 29 percent of the accidents. There was a 170 percent higher chance of brake problems being the main cause of the accident when compared to vehicles with properly working brakes.

Finally, being unfamiliar with the roadway factored in with 22 percent of the crashes. Familiarity with the road included understanding turns, distances and the route itself. With the damage that accidents can cause financially, physically and personally, it may help to know what steps to take to recover compensation. A personal injury law firm experienced in car and truck accidents might assist in filing a claim and pursuing a case.