Spinal cord injuries can have devastating and lifelong consequences for people in California who suffer this kind of damage in a workplace injury, car accident, fall or another catastrophic event. Sports can also be a major cause of spinal cord injuries; while brain injuries may be some of the more commonly known serious effects of sports accidents, spinal cord trauma can also result from harsh football tackles or other contact sports. Treatment for spinal cord injuries can be complex and the technologies to improve it are still developing.

Every year, there are around 17,000 spinal cord injuries that take place across the country, and over 280,000 Americans live daily with the impact of such trauma. The effects of these injuries can vary widely; when an injury occurs to a higher portion of the spinal cord, a person can lose greater function throughout their body and limbs. Depending on the severity of the injury, a person could need full-time in-home care and professional assistance for ongoing daily activities.

The spinal cord runs from the brain through a spinal column made of bones. This column helps to protect the cord but can also be a source of injury when broken or damaged. The spinal cord is nearly impossible to repair. It is not currently possible to obtain fully functional recovery after damage to the spinal cord, although doctors are working to improve and enhance knowledge and treatment of these injuries.

Most spinal cord injuries happen through traumatic events and often due to the negligence of another; for example, car accidents are the most common cause of these injuries, alongside deliberate acts of violence. People who are dealing with the lifelong consequences of a spine injury due to another’s dangerous or negligent driving may benefit from seeking out a personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation for medical bills, care costs, lost wages and other expenses.