Truck accidents are a growing concern in California. Because the state is a prominent destination for deliveries and produces a variety of products shipped across the country, these vehicles are constantly on the road. The risks of a truck crash have long been significant with truckers under the influence, drowsy truckers and reckless driving. In recent years, however, new dangers associated with distracted driving have been added to the list.

A plan to conduct a new truck accident study will consider distracted driving. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, will analyze the factors in accidents that led to injuries, fatalities and the need to tow the vehicles involved. A goal is to use onboard systems that track when truck drivers were traveling at excessive speeds, departed from their lanes or hit the brakes hard.

Since the previous study in 2001 to 2003, technological advancements have changed the landscape for truckers and those who share the road with them. Since 2009, there has been a troubling increase in truck accidents with 4,415 fatal collisions in 2018. That is a rise of nearly 53%. From 2016 to 2018, there was a rise of 5.7%. Distracted driving from cellphones is reported to be a focus of the new study. There will also be an assessment of other potential distractions like navigation apps and safety equipment.

People in passenger vehicles who share the road with large trucks are justified in being concerned about the dangers posed by these vehicles. A truck accident can lead to personal injury or death. Medical expenses, lost income and other problems are common with a truck accident, which can place a financial and personal hardship on a person and their family. When there is a fatality, these problems are exacerbated. Having legal assistance might help with filing a claim for compensation.