Motorcyclists and other road users can make sure bikers are seen by staying vigilant, wearing safety gear and using turn signals.

California weather makes it a great place to ride motorcycles for large portions of the year. Even though getting out on a hog can be a fun experience, people who ride bikes may have a greater chance of injury than any other motor vehicle users. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,172 motorbike operators died in crashes over the course of a single year. In fact, people driving or riding motorcycles have a 28 times higher chance of being killed in an accident than other vehicle users. Both riders and car operators can play a part in reducing the motorcycle-related crashes that take place on the roads.

Stay vigilant

Most automobile drivers know that they need to keep their attention on the road at all times. Constant vigilance can ensure motorcyclists are spotted before they are hit. Operators in larger vehicles can watch out for riders by checking blind spots before changing lanes and watching for oncoming bikes before turning onto a new road.

Even bikers can play a role in constant vigilance. For example, if a rider notices a vehicle that is about to turn on, he or she can slow down or swerve out of the way if the driver fails to notice the cycle before making the turn.

Wear safety gear

Compared to other vehicles on the road, motorcycles are small. The small stature may play a role in the number of collisions that take place each year because these small vessels are harder to spot. Anyone who plans on going out on a bike should wear the proper safety equipment to increase visibility and protection. A bright safety vest, for instance, can help make the rider standout on busy roads. Even a brightly colored helmet could help increase the biker’s chances of being noticed while also providing protection in the case of a crash.

Use signals

Blinkers and headlights can increase the visibility of anybody on the road. Those in smaller motorized vehicles have a greater need for this increased visibility, but everyone should use signals before making turns. In some cases, a bike’s blinker may draw the attention of a truck operator who had not previously realized a motorcycle was near him or her on the highway. When cars use their driving signals, it gives riders a greater chance to stay out of the larger vehicle’s way.

California road users can work together to increase the safety of those who are more vulnerable, such as motorcyclists and pedestrians. No matter the situation of a traffic incident, it may be beneficial to work with an attorney familiar with car accident cases if personal injury occurs.