Seasonal changes can lead to a variety of dangers while driving. This is true even in California’s relatively agreeable climate. When heading out on the road, it is important to be prepared for certain potential risks. Understanding what dangers are possible in the fall is a way to avoid auto accidents with injuries and fatalities.

Fall carries specific possible problems for drivers. The new school year begins in the fall. With that, there will be more young people going to and from school. More pedestrians on the road increases the potential for a crash. There can be a range of weather in the fall with rain and other poor conditions making the roads treacherous. It might add to the aesthetic to see the color change of leaves, but when they are on the road, it can block markings and potholes. The leaves can become slippery when wet. In the mornings, fog can inhibit visibility.

Drastic changes in temperature will accrue frost overnight and create icy areas, putting drivers and pedestrians at risk. The sun will be in the driver’s line of sight at certain points in the day and this can cause a split-second in which the driver cannot see, possibly sparking a collision. Wildlife such as deer are more active in the fall due to mating season and migration. An animal suddenly leaping in front of a vehicle might lead to a car accident.

Basic safety tactics can be effective in the fall. That includes driving at a reduced speed, accounting for weather and the sun, and ensuring the windshield is clean. However, after car accidents in the fall or at any other time of year, legal help might be a key to receiving compensation for serious injuries and other issues stemming from wrecks.