One of the most reckless decisions that a driver can make is to get behind the wheel of their vehicle after drinking too much. This decision is one that has resulted in far too many accidents, many of which involve innocent victims who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When a drunk driver is on the road, he or she can be reckless and unpredictable. Their vision, decision-making skills and reflexes are all affected by alcohol, which makes impaired drivers a serious threat to others in Palm Springs. Authorities know this and are taking an aggressive approach to stopping offenders from hurting other people. 

It is not uncommon for a suspected drunk driver to be told not to drive by a judge. Many times, a driver who is convicted of DUI has his or her license suspended or revoked. Many people would assume that taking away a license would be effective in stopping drunk drivers. But the results of a recent sting operation illustrate just how many of these drivers continue to make dangerous and reckless decisions behind the wheel.

According to reports, the Palm Desert Police Department cited four separate offenders for driving without a license. This may not seem all that unusual, but the stops were made right outside the courthouse where the drivers had just had their licenses taken away.

The sting highlights just how negligent some of these drivers can be. Not only were they allegedly driving under the influence at one point, but they then refused to comply with court orders to refrain from driving.  They went from driving drunk to driving without a license with seemingly no regard for the danger in which they are putting others. 

These are some of the drivers who end up causing a serious or fatal car accident; they have a history of driving drunk and may not even have a valid license. Many of these negligent drivers fail to learn their lesson until it is too late. It is for this reason that victims of a drunk driving accident often take legal action against the driver. Not only can the injured parties pursue compensation for damages, but they can also hold a drunk driver financially and legally responsible for their behavior.

Source: My Desert, “Driving away from DUI court date gets four arrested,” July 22, 2013